Fuzzy Commentaries

An editorial in the New York Times addresses Oprah Winfrey’s opinion that the Office of the President is maligned because the President is an African American.

Included in that article is the statement that “Bill de Blanco’s wife ‘used to be a lesbian.”’ Used to be a lesbian? No one ever “used to be” a lesbian. No one ever ‘used to be’ heterosexual. The Nature/Nurture concept does not include ‘sexual preference.’ The Heredity/Environment phenomenon applies to thousands of human characteristics and behaviors. It is complex, fascinating, and infinitely varied. However, homosexuality and heterosexuality are not a matter of choice.

The reality is that sex is a complex combination of character and inexplicable passion, unique to each heterosexual or homosexual individual. Every thought, sexual desire, or type of sexual behavior has its counterpart in each of the gender categories. ‘Sexual orientation’ occurs sometime before birth, most likely at conception.

But this is not an essay on sex. Rather, it is my concern about the general acceptability of unsound commentaries by authors and celebrities based on their notoriety. So, back to Oprah.

I don’t know why the author of the article chose to include Bill de Blasio’s wife in that article, but his implicit agreement with Oprah’s statement about prejudice being the driving force behind the claim that the Office of the President is maligned because President Obama is an African America is as unsubstantiated as the statement that Bill de Blasio’s wife used to be a lesbian. By that, I don’t mean that she is not a lesbian. Although she prefers to understate that fact, she has no problem with her sexual ‘preference.’ Neither have I. What I find absurd is the author’s statement that she used to be a lesbian! I suppose that gratuitous remark was politically motivated.

So, within a brief and civilly expressed article, there are two instances of fuzzy statements. One of them, evidently politically motivated; the other (in agreement with Oprah) designed to emphasize the claim that remarks against President Obama are basically prompted by prejudice, not performance. Yes, many Americans pretend to be unprejudiced although, tacitly, they are prejudiced. But why, in the privacy of voting booths, with no need for pretension, did they elect him as President of the United States twice!

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