Cosmic Duplicates

The notion of a Multiverse is gaining credulity (not to be confused with credibility). No matter that it is impossible to ever prove that there are other universes besides the one we know. No matter that we can never prove that there is an infinite and timeless Multiverse. (See my article, Part Two of Three, dated January 11, 2012 titled, When Did Yesterday Happen? Its 1st and 3rd parts are dated January 2nd and 15th 2012 respectively).

Now, along with the enigmatic but proved co-existence of Quantum Science and Classic Science, there is the absolutely speculative buzz concept of a Multiverse. It would not surprise me if another leap of fancy soon emerges—one that reduces the imagined Multiverse to just one Multiverse in an infinite sea of Multiversi (or is it Multiversae?).

Current speculations include all manner of sub-speculations, one of which posits that since infinite combinations of factors eventually must repeat themselves, precise duplicates of you and me exist in a parallel universe. To this notion is added the fail-safe loophole argument that duplicate human beings may live very different lives in their separate universes despite being the “same” individual. One of you (or me) may be poor, the other rich; one of “us” may catch a train that the other misses by just one second because he was late; one of us may die before the other dies. Yet, we are a duplicate of each other in separate universes.

But wait! Taking the notion of infinite universes a step further, I assume that in a Multiverse or in Multiversi, there wouldn’t be one of anything, including a pair of the “same” individual, of course. In other words, nothing would be unique and loophole arguments would cover any and all discrepancies between duplicate beings.

But wait again! If we take one step further into fantascience we can assume that each of us in identical universes has a duplicate father whose millions of individual sperm cells fertilized millions of eggs in millions of separate universes. (Remember, we’re dealing with infinity here.) Given the unavoidable discrepancy between the “number” of universes and the “number” of identical universes would present an insolvable mathematical problem: infinities by definition don’t have “numbers.” But then, a new math can be devised to accommodate the irreconcilable reality of infinite identical universes within a greater “number” of infinite non-identical universes. As you may know, I don’t usually engage in sarcasm. But the plethora of fantascience speculation begs for it.

Perhaps I am naive, but I see no substantive distinction between cosmic duplicates and fraternal twins right here and now on earth in the only universe we know exists. And we need not embellish its grandeur, beauty, and elegance.

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