Exactly one day after I posted my article titled Extraterrestrials in a Nutshell, December 2, 2017) I stumbled upon a mega documentary (or a patched-together-series of documentaries) dedicated to extraterrestrials. It aired on the History Channel. My article was basically restricted to the alleged superiority of what appear to be extraterrestrials hovering about the earth.

As I’m sure you’ve noticed, I have difficulty being brief. But this time, my chance encounter with that documentary jolted me into writing this postscript.

Following are two related examples of the documentary’s topics and my reactions to them.

Genetic Engineering

Human genetic engineering is currently banned because of profound ethical and potentially negative biological consequences. If alleged UFO abductions are practiced by ETs for genetic experimentation, they certainly have shed ethical reservations if they ever had any. That would be a certain sign of moral inferiority.        

Beyond Natural Selection

There is also an inadvertent proof of ET moral inferiority if a segment of the documentary really happened as described. The documentary strongly suggests that ETs have created radically different designs of human species (subspecies?). To that end we are shown several skulls of failed experiments.  I don’t know if the different brains in those skulls were designed for promising Simians or for blossoming Homo Sapiens. In either case, the documentary emphatically posits that Darwin’s theory of the ‘Origin of Species’ may not be entirely correct after all, at least since the dinosaurs were gone. Were those skulls merely the remains of humans who, like several other human species, just didn’t make it to our present form? Or were they failed species created by godlike ETs who goofed?

On the surface those and other examples appear to be just speculation about intelligent life other than ours. But the documentary reflects a perfect existential storm coming our way. Or, should I say, being drawn to us by our own blindness?

Mandated by the need to be entertaining, the documentary’s authors and narrators cheerfully blur and blend fantasy and fact. The fact is that genetic engineering is like nuclear energy: it requires extreme caution. I hope genetic engineering will be practiced only to eradicate serious diseases, not to ‘enhance’ human nature.

And, while I’m at it, I might add that the obsession for robots may well be no more than a desire for humankind to commit suicide. I hope that is not a fact.

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