Cancel Culture Cult

“Look at that face…Would anyone vote for that?”              

                     President Donald Trump, then a presidential candidate 

“Shut your face.” 

                   Maxine Waters, as Chairwoman at a Covid-19 hearing

We need to talk…I mean, really talk… 

To begin with, ‘systemic racism’ does not reflect reality. Although even one death is tragic ─ whether it’s a policeman or a criminal who is killed ─ ‘systemic racism’ is a term that applies to genocide, not to violent law encounters. It’s obvious that the officer who shot an 11-year-old did not do so with the intent to kill him. Anyone who accuses that officer of intentionally killing the kid would do the same as the officer did under those circumstances…

…We need to talk…

Sadly, the police officer desperately tried to keep the kid alive. Would a Monday morning quarterback do that? Probably not. And, no, the officer’s  effort to save the kid was not just to get himself off the hook. Only a sour skeptic would think that was the case. The officer is going to have to live with that memory for the rest of his life, in or out of prison.  

…We need to talk…

‘Defund the Police’ is suicide on a massive scale. The ‘Black Lives Matter’ slogan  accuses policemen, especially white policemen, of being casual killers.  Remember that It was Maxine Waters who said the officer in the George Floyd case, Derek Chauvin, got up in the morning and thought, “I’m gonna get me one of those“ (meaning a black man. That hypothetical accusation is not only false, but extremely offensive. 

…We need to talk…

The Cancel Culture Cult (CCC) lays a national-sized guilt on white people. They brainwash white people into believing that white people are evil because of the color of their skin, the cult’s version of Original Sin. I shudder to think that in America(!) they conduct rituals designed to have white people, bathed in tears, confess that they are evil. I suppose that’s a sort of catharsis…or is it a ‘woke’? 

…we need to talk. I mean, really talk. 

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