Bleeding Heart Victims

I’ve just seen a disturbing scene that was caught on a street surveillance camera. A man was brutally beaten by a subhuman thief who rapidly, repeatedly, and viciously punched the helpless victim who was already down on the sidewalk. The image was hard to watch. I was unable to wipe the scene from my mind for quite a while.

In his frenetic desire to deliver his victim as much pain as possible, the criminal’s energy forced his pants to slide almost down to his knees.  In retrospect, I was reminded that the pants were already far below his beltline thereby revealing his bright red underwear, a tribute to prisoners who are not permitted to wear belts in jail (a style – or lack thereof – which I believe is now all but gone). 

As is my custom, I wondered how someone could become so consummate a bully. And then I remembered the slogan, “Defund the Police.” And, in turn, that thought led to my steadfast conviction that so many people, including major government officials, are consummately wrong about defunding the police. That is not just an opinion on my part, it is a fact. 

Yes, the barbaric action of the incident I’ve described above might have occurred despite a full contingent of a municipal police force, but the need for a protective force in general is axiomatic. Defunding the police borders on anarchy. How could they not know that! The victim might have been spared that pain and life-threatening experience had there been a policeman at that location. The very expression, “Defund the Police” is weird! 

Bleeding hearts had better reserve their sympathy for hardworking Americans and small business owners rather than support people who are passive or even encourage a Socialist Democratic America. The title alone sends shivers down my spine. 

And, while I’m at it…please allow me to briefly refer to other not exactly American trends. 

They are:

“Cancel” this and “Cancel” that… multi-gender identification…or lack of it…for the same individual…asleep or “Woke?”…what’s wrong with the word, “aware”?…the denigration of the American language…the word is ‘mothers,’ not ‘birthing people’…(does ‘birthing people’ mean that fathers are fertilizers?)…the need for a humiliating catharsis from being white…and so on.

Please, folks, Let’s not turn the United States into Romper Room. Let’s not denigrate the American lifestyle, whatever its faults.  Let’s not erase our borders for political purposes. Let’s not fabricate enmity between black and white. 

Let’s stop apologizing for America.

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