A Layman’s Cursory Notion of Intelligent Life

Scalpels, forceps, bone cutters, and a brain surgeon or psychiatrist can do wonders for the physical brain; the same is not true for the mind, this despite the close proximity of the brain and mind. Of course brain and mind may be synonymous in everyday usage, but in the context of this writing there is a conceptual distinction between the two: brain is regarded as physical (tissue, axons, neurons, dendrites); mind as thought (comprehension, concepts, creativity, imagination). Specific areas of the brain are chemically and electrically in tandem with multiple functions of the brain and mind, even as we sleep.

The War on Reason:

Buzz words have become the coinage of political animosity, e.g., The War on Women, The War on the Middle Class, the War on Education, and so on; the most irrational of which is, Defund [sic] the Police (defund is an oxymoron which s/b some form of the words ‘reduce’ or ‘cut’ or ‘lower’ in the context of that slogan.) 

The most disturbing aspect of diametrically apposed political views is the recalcitrant mind set that obviates any change of opinion, let alone facts no matter how well they are articulated to a political opponent. When I encounter an implacable resistance to reason, I silently think, “the other guy is having a mind clot.”

The primordial and instinctive actions of the brain are automatic. On the other hand, it is the illusive, soundless,  creative mind (which has no mass) that communicates with ourselves without sight or sound, or touch or smell or taste, or even full consciousness. 

The mind rivals the mystery of the Universe itself.

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