Unlike all other species that preceded us, mammals added empathy to its arsenal of characteristics. Yes, vegetative species like trees communicate with others of their kind, but that phenomenon is fundamentally automatic and is not identical to empathy, but only to the survival of the species.

Intelligent life radically differs from the automatic reflexes of muscles, nerves and bones. The source of empathy is far more complex than that of automatic reflexes. The source of empathy consists of an amalgamation of an individual’s characteristics, including understanding and imagination. Since emotions play a large role in the phenomenon of empathy, there is a plethora of definitions of and explanations for the words, empathy, sympathy, compassion, understanding, etc..

Scholarship aside, after a series of frauds, the ‘Missing Link” theory is no longer an issue, I never thought it was. And I’ve never subscribe to the notion that ancient or modern humans required a missing link, and certainly not that they are imported from some other planet. Or, for that matter, that the Pyramids were constructed with the aid of aliens.

It seems that there are people who take every opportunity to degrade humans as such. It also seems that there are many people who believe that goodness is a sham; that the works of Shakespeare were written by someone else (as though that would change the stature of whomever was supposed to write them) and notwithstanding a few minor playwrights with whom Shakespeare collaborated, mostly at the beginning and ending of his career. To quote Shakespeare himself, “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet” (“Romeo and Juliet”).

Like butter, cynicism should be spread thinly.


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