About a month ago I happened to watch a one-and-a-half hour documentary on television which focused on UFO sightings and which included many narratives from a broad range of people who tell us they have experienced, “alien encounters of the first kind.” So far, the only uncontested fact about the possibility of intelligent life cohabiting the Solar System with us is the presence of UFOs whose maneuvers are exponentially advanced at least in terms of speed, e.g: from one horizon to another in seconds.

Putting that aside, the presumed alien ‘pilots’ assiduously avoid contact with humans except as in one significant instance described to us by a man and woman who claim they were abducted and subjected to experiments, and then returned to us. If true, what are we to make of that? My rhetorical question significantly suggests that the aliens are silent for the same reason that humans are when conducting experiments on animals. In any case, silence does not indicate equality, let alone experimental consent from captured ‘specimens.’

But the documentary included an uplifting narrative. Two soldiers reported an encounter with a UFO they had been chasing. The UFO happened to be on the ground. The soldiers ‘parked’  next to the UFO. When the soldiers contacted their command to ask what they should do, the response was, “Shoot it down!”  Wisely, the soldiers did not do that. The UFO whisked away.

The narrative stops there. But questions remain: Why did the UFO simply take off? Why has there been no attempt made by the aliens to communicate with the soldiers even if it were a simple “hello!” Why are UFOs checking our military installations? And why have the aliens been silent for half-a-century and conducting one-way observational activity at military sites in the dessert in the dead of night? 

In real life I share the joyous anticipation of cosmic alien ‘company’ as presented in the film, but something is not quite ‘right’ about the alien phantoms. Seizing humans against their will and subjecting them to experiments is not justified, even though the humans were safely returned. It doesn’t require a second Rosetta Stone to understand that. 

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