The Woke Folk Factor

In the late fifties a friend repeated a joke to me that she heard from a comedian at a nightclub. The comedian sets-up his audience with a brief narrative that describes an impossible choice to be made between a rickety bridge and a raging river beneath it. He then asks the audience a rhetorical question, “What would be your choice?”: The bridge or the river?” Brief silence. Then, in mock revelation, he blurts out the answer: “Lower the water!”

It is fascinating to note how the mind works.  When I first thought about writing this article, that joke flashed into my mind despite the passage of decades since the fifties.  Now, the ‘woke’ people use the word, ‘critical’ extensively—critical ‘this’ and critical ‘that.’  I call it, ‘Critical Nonsense.’

In real life, what’s most critical now is a headlong spiral into socialism for — no, not ‘for’— but against America, or to be precise, Americans. That spiral is heavily fueled by the woke folk.

To begin with, the woke folks’ leading proponents promote socialist ideology under the guise of a purported advancement of Social Justice, which includes the political indoctrination of  grade school children despite strong  opposition to that by their parents and also in defiance of the academia ideal of describing political politics without promoting the political ideals of other governments. Incredible and worst of all, is the assistance which ruthless schoolteachers provide for transgender children and which is physically irreversible.   

If I seem too critical about socialism it’s because I am critical. Not a fashion type, I make an exception to my liberal judgment about the clothes people wear. But when I see brand new clothes that have a hole or patch at their kneecaps, I can’t help thinking that the wearer is slumming in homage to the ‘little guy,’ even though I know that is not the case in reality. 

I also know that the thought is triggered by my deep concern about a growing rapprochement between American Democracy and Socialism.

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