The personal blog of actor and director Mario Martone.

Not to be confused with the other Mario Martone.

3 responses to “About

  1. Kathryn Jung

    Mario, dear and brilliant old friend, we had no idea you were blogging! Since our phone has been out for 18 days (Time-Warner must be having cosmological interference), we tried to find an e-mail address for you. After finding that OTHER Mario, we found this blog!! Stupendous! Astounding!

    Love, Kathy and Bob

  2. Michael Martone

    This is a sort of sweet coincidence to find after my reading this blog
    for the first time (while searching out a connection I heard about just
    today that Martone is in olden days (just after the Spanish Inquisition) is an Italian Jewish name , My spouse’s first name
    is Kathryn ,my late wife was that of the surname , Jung.

    I am a New York City born Martone & yes my Nephew a key grip in
    motion pictures has worked with “the other Mario Martone” .

    Sorry to take up and upon the kindness of Kathy & Bob’s reply.

    Oh yes , I was exhibiting my art at the Fogg Museum at Harvard University
    when “The other Michael Martone” was at the same time the Harvard writer in residence. We are both book authors.

  3. Angeli scordino

    Good to hear from you to night. Let all the family know you are doing well. You have been busy with “blogging”

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