[Note: As is my custom, I briefly search through the Internet for a fact or two before I write an article, and am especially focused on my responsibility to be as accurate as possible. This time, I was taken aback by what I discovered during the first five minutes of my research for this article.  I then stopped my research and began to write the revision. (If you read the following paragraph you will understand why five minutes of research was ample time for my research.)

I found that there are at least 81 genders and counting. The number of genders climbed higher as I flipped from one source after another during those five minutes. The 81 genders were listed alphabetically, from Androgynous to Xanith. There is no gender listed whose title begins with Y or Z…at the moment!]

LGBTQIA+ facts and meaning remain ambiguous to many people, including LGBTQIA themselves. For example many LGBTQIA do not know that they are born LGBTQIA and that their gender is definitely genetic, not acquired, notwithstanding the opinions of some psychologists, psychiatrists, sociologists, biologists, and philosophers who think otherwise. Some LGBTQIA blame their progenitors for their anomaly, others to a traumatic experience early in life, and so on.

In any case, some LGBTQIA are even unaware of their sexual anomaly after puberty and others are aware of it well before puberty. There are many LGBTQIA who are deeply disturbed by their anomaly and many others who are not at all disturbed by it unless someone tells them that they should or must be disturbed, or unfortunately forced to adjust their anomaly to the overwhelming cisgender majority. 

There are others who know they are not cisgender but fake it for a variety of reasons, including prostitution. Of course it is easier for females to fake their gender than it is for males because of the singular difference between 

their respective physicality.  The above mentioned alphabetical gender list strongly reflects the notion that LIGBTQIA need help from cisgender people to advance inclusiveness. The essentially same notion is reflected in the proliferation of pronouns, which is an assault on logic and language, as well as absurd.  Yes, LIGBTQIA should be treated with respect, but not at the expense of culture, which must not be ‘cancelled.’  There is very little about gender about which LGBTQIA are unaware. In fact they are often very much aware of gender characteristics. 

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From its inception the United States has firmly maintained its sovereignty as a Constitutional Republic.  Apart from America’s Revolutionary War and World Wars 1 and 2, there has been no threat to America’s sovereignty. But America’s fundamental ideology is under siege now—greater than any I have ever known. 

This time, there is a severe internecine rift between America’s major political parties. This time, personal attacks are visceral. This time, vituperation is spiraling to unprecedented depths.  Ominously, what comes to mind is a warning attributed to various political celebrities over the years, including President Lincoln. Over the years, the warning’s wording somewhat differs, but it was true that the United States could be “destroyed only from within.” The Civil War proved that at an unfathomable price. But now, there is no guarantee that America will not be destroyed from within…not necessarily by a conspiracy or an insurrection, but legally and in broad daylight.   

The extraordinary social discord we are experiencing throughout America stems from a much deeper source than just a routine difference of opinion about some bill or another. That source is the unprecedented possibility that our Constitutional Republic may become a ‘Socialist’ or ‘Democratic Republic’ or some other form of socialist government other than a Constitutional Republic, e.g., the People’s Republic of China which is not at all a republic but a communist nation.  

Many people claim that socialism is not the same as communism or that it leads to communism, but socialism and communism are at least fraternal twins, if not identical twins. The same is true of Parliamentary Democracies and Constitutional republics. Their differences are technical, not fundamental.

The proponents for a socialist America (at least for now) are alienating millions of Americans because of the bazaar notions ‘woke’ people have under the banner of ‘reinventing’ the United States. The underlying efforts to motivate the ‘reinvention’  of the United States include the creation and use of special American words and expressions: For example, their jumbled pronouns and changing the word <mother> to ‘birthing people.’  

When most people hear that the word <mother> should be changed to ‘birthing people’ they think that is both offensive and absurd. So do I. The same is true of ‘invented’ words which serve to avoid the standard centuries-old pronouns (he, she, him, her, their) for the comfort of transgenic individuals and purportedly for the comfort of heterosexual individuals as well. Some ‘woke’ words do not distinguish plural from singular along with other gender identity titles which have never been part of the English language. On one of the ‘woke language’ charts posted on the Internet, I saw a four-or- five letter word for the pronoun <their> which doesn’t remotely resemble any English word.  

One chart I encountered describes eleven sex categories: LGBTtqqiapp. I subsequently discovered that there are lists and/or descriptions of gender categories which number higher than76 categories, as described by one of the charts!

But sex is not exactly like the Periodic Table. The descriptions vary according to the person(s) who describe them, many of whom are sociologists or psychologists. Fine novels, books, films and friends tell us more about sex   categories than charts and lists do.  Besides, the descriptions for LGBT, etc…are not precisely uniform from chart to chart or list to list anyway…sex is too complex for that. 

The slaughter of language and its sister…logic…are primarily intended to make both transgenic and heterosexual individuals feel comfortable with each other. But I don’t believe that anyone would attempt to know all the varieties of gender or even find it essential to discuss them—especially on their first encounter.  After all, when exclusively male and female individuals first meet, they don’t need to make gender adjustments socially. The same should be true for everyone else. 

Another ‘woke’ anomaly is the ‘cancellation’ of the word <mother> and changing the word to the expression, ‘birthing people. ‘ We all know what a mother is. All mammals do. So, why the change in nomenclature? There can be only one reason: Socialists revere sameness: ‘Birthing people’ highlights the purported sameness of people. 

Socialism quells individuality and is hostile to the human aspiration to rise above nature. Sameness is revered by socialists. it is the centerpiece of socialism. 

Question: If a woman is a birthing person, what is a man?…a fertilizing person?


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For decades, the political folklore of most Americans has been that democrats are underdogs and republicans are ‘robber barons’ at heart…or lack thereof. That folklore was firmly ingrained in my generation, and the generation before that.   

That folklore is underscored by the metaphorical adage, “If you are not a liberal when you are young, you have no heart, and if you are not a conservative when you are old, you have no brain.” 

I’ve seen Classic Films before they became classics. Most of them are masterpieces, whether sophisticated comedies, dramas, or overtly political films. Invariably, republican characters in  comedies are ‘good-naturedly’ lampooned; in dramas or overtly political films, conservative characters are heavily portrayed as wealthy “robber barons.” Adapted to current society, that convention is alive and well. Attitudes die hard.

Folklore also dies hard. Most democrats (especially political commentators, university professors, and wealthy celebrities, hang on to stereotypical political folklore under the guise of implicit or explicit definitions like ‘social justice,’ or ‘identity politics.’

For the past year or so, the ‘no heart’ and ‘no brain’ folk have reversed their roles, at whatever their age. Now, it is the democratic politicians who have no heart. For example, Chuck Shumer is threatening Supreme Court Justices, gangster style. His words and the tone of his voice are spine-tingling, e.g. he publicly warned his republican opponents You will pay the priceyou will not know what hit you.”

Of course there is no shortage of invective on the other side of the aisle. But the traditional rivalry between republican and democratic officials is spiraling to the level of street brawls. For example, Representative Maxine Walters’ demeanor and incitement for violence are those of a guttersnipe.


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 The Second Amendment

Whenever I see a trophy of an animal’s head mounted on a wall, I think, “barbaric,” “cruel,” – and not the least of which – “bad decorative taste.”  I also think of the word, “ego.” Killing an unsuspecting animal does not fit my definition for the word, “macho.” 

My assessment of the right to ‘keep and bear arms’ is a different matter. When I first read those words, I knew they were meant for the right to self-defense. There are all kinds of arguments for and against that Constitutional right. But tragic instances associated with injury or death by gunfire is no less tragic than the death of defenseless people who are confronted by a killer with a gun. 

Underlying my judgment about firearms is the concept that decisions about life and death should not be based on emotions generated by the latest tragic instances. Like the blindfolded Lady Justice, we should not allow emotions to prevail over reason. 

There are no words that can fully express the profoundly tragic event that occurred at the Uvalde school recently and similar instances elsewhere over time, but the right to self defense should not be a casualty to criminals who will always have access to guns no matter whatever the law may be. Usually, their way to cheat the law is to get killed by a law officer or – more likely – commit suicide.

Although the following is not an argument but only an example, my dad kept a gun in a drawer next to his bed. We were three children. We never opened that drawer. He never went outdoors with the gun. He was simply exercising his right to own a gun. He never used the gun. I’m sure that lots of citizens also kept guns in their homes just in case a criminal intruder entered their homes. Perhaps some people carried guns concealed in their clothing, but I don’t remember a single news item about deadly street shootings other than gang wars in “Chicago…Chicago…A hell of a town!” 

Yes, I’m old enough to remember that. 

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An Idle Thought

Don’t be afraid to feel angry or as loving as you can, 

because when you feel nothing, it’s just death.

               -Lena Horn

That quote is the first thing I saw when I booted my computer. By sheer coincidence, it is a perfect introduction  to the article I had in mind. Well…almost. As the title suggests, I hesitate to write the article because it’s a bit esoteric.  But the quote out of nowhere put the title over the top. The word <nothing> is the major catalyst to my meditation about…well…no less than reality. Not just reality in general, but about reality itself.  Not exactly as significant as Einstein’s Thought Experiments, my article is on the edge of whimsical. But I’m compelled to express it.

‘Nothing’ in everyday context is an unequivocal word. Broken down to <no thing> its meaning is self-evident: “There is nothing left in the bottle of milk,” or, “There is nothing that lasts forever.” But the word <nothing> takes on enormous significance when it refers to metaphysics. 

Putting aside the possible proliferation of alternative universes to ours yet including them in my Thought Experiment, I submit the following.

It is at least as impossible to imagine no universe(s) at all as it is to grasp the existence of the known universe. Ironically, we cannot imagine a ‘non-reality’: no Big Bang, no Matter or Dark Matter, no Energy, no Universal Forces like Gravity, Electromagnetism, the Strong or Weak Forces; and even no Darkness in the absolute absence of SPACE  ITSELF, a concept which is as impossible to imagine as is the concept of the universe neither having a beginning nor an absolute end, even though without light.

Oooooops! In a play once considered to be ‘Avante  Guard,’ there is a passage that describes human existence as no more than that of lights that flicker for only an instant before individuals enter their graves, a metaphor for their meaningless lives. Above, I stumbled into a similar grim description, but did not mean it to refer to people.  I meant it to highlight the dilemma of the origin of the universe, or perhaps an infinite ‘number’ of universes. But since “infinite anything” is inconceivable, there is no point in pursuing the full meaning of the word. A very long time ago, I thought that phrases like “an infinite [whatever]” was a vague term. Recently, most of the scientific community admits that I was correct. That is not a great revelation on my part, but it’s good to know that ‘infinite’ is not quite the gold standard word it used to be, especially when applied to science. 

But there are exceptions. The phenomenon of a primordial gas evolving to a sentient being who is thrilled by the night sky is an example of an infinite source for pleasure. No proof required.

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